Fransiscus Emmanuel Bunaren

Fransiscus Emmanuel Bunaren

A Computer Science Enthusiast

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University of Queensland, Australia

Information Technology Undergraduate Student, Majoring in Software Design

University of Indonesia

Computer Science Undergraduate Student


Teaching Assistant - University of Indonesia

Foundations of Programming 1 2019/2020 Odd Semester
Grading, Teaching, and Assisting Students to learn programming in Python.

Foundations of Programming 2 2019/2020 Even Semester
Grading, Teaching, and Assisting Students to learn programming in Java.

Data Structures and Algorithms 2020/2021 Odd Semester
Grading, Teaching, and Assisting Students to learn data structures and algorithms.


1st Place, Best Project Award, Web Information System (INFS3202)

1st place winner, Best project award (Web Information System, INFS3202, University of Queensland), with the project "ReviewProduk" ( ReviewProduk is a review website for businesses, products, and services, with QR Code Scanner & QR Code generator features for easier reviews.

Certificate: Click Here

3rd Place, IPSC Ristek , Competitive Programming Contest

3rd Place Winner in Pekan Ristek Competitive Programming Contest, with team name “Sayang Bunda” and team members : Fransiscus, Iqrar and Vian.


Strong in

Python, Django, PHP, CodeIgniter , Visual Basic , HTML

Experienced in

JavaScript, Java, CSS, AntiVirus and Malware Analysis, C++, Data Structure & Algorithms, Database, Spring Boot

Have Learned

Pascal, Assembly (MIPS, AVR)


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Nyari Apa?

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A Simple Online Game, created using PHP Programming Language.
Can you guess what people search on the internet? 😉
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Catur Jawa Online (Three Men's Morris)

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An Online Multiplayer Traditional Board Game. It uses XMLHttpRequest to handle real-time communication between the server and the client. It also has the feature to create new user, update the leaderboard, real-time gameplay, etc.
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